About Us

Skydive Iowa opened in 1991 and has been happily and professionally serving its patrons ever since.

Skydive Iowa, Made by Skydivers, for Skydivers.

Skydive Iowa is one of the very few airports owned by skydivers. The company is owned and operated by Kasie Boyd, an avid skydiver. Skydive Iowa was created in 1991 with the purpose of creating a facility that meets and exceeds the wants and needs of the modern day skydiver. We have some of the best in safety equipment available for students. Automatic Activation Devices help save lives in extremely rare emergency cases. Our experienced instructors will also accompany new divers in tandem skydives. Our planes are maintained extremely well by expert mechanics and the FAA conduct thorough annual reviews. You can’t get much better than Skydive Iowa.