Tandem Skydiving

Get Ready to have the Experience of a Lifetime

A Tandem Skydive

has you Physically Attached

to an Instructor

Feel the thrill of free falling with the comfort of being attached to a knowledgeable instructor. You jump from 9,000 feet above the ground, then proceed to free-fall for around 40 seconds. After your instructor deploys the parachute, you make enjoyable turns through the air, enjoying the scenic Iowa landscape, for around 5 minutes. After that, you’ll make a soft landing on the ground.

It only takes a half of an hour of training to be on your way to your first tandem jump, and the experience of a lifetime. For your own safety, you must weight 240 lbs or less and be at least 18 years old to jump tandem. The jump will take around three hours on the weekdays and a half day on the weekends.

Make It A Day To Remember

All of our tandem jumps include photos of your experience in the air. That way you have something to bring back home and show your friends! We also offer the option of having a video created for you out-lining your adventure from boarding, takeoff, halfway, interview, free fall, canopy ride, and landing. Listed below.

Video & Stills


per person

This package provides you with excellent documentation of your jump. A videographer will go up with you and record you departing from the aircraft, as well as your free-fall and a post-jump interview. Our videographers are also capable of taking still images which will also be provided, along with a DVD of your experience.

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per person

Enjoy the amazing experience of skydiving with a safe, and enjoyable tandem jump. No need for fear when you’re attached to an expert who will guide you safely through the air. Those patrons who are 240 to 220 pounds will be charged a fee of $20. A 50$ deposit is also required in order to participate in the fun.

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Group Rate


per person

Groups of 6 or more get a reduced rate per person. Skydiving can make a fun, exciting, and certainly memorable celebration. Those patrons who are 240 to 220 pounds will be charged an additional fee of $20. A $50 deposit will also be required per individual in order to participate.

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