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For the Skydivers

Who Know their


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newly licensed skydiver, we can accommodate you. We offer rental rigs if needed and we have rental rooms as well as camping options. So get a hold of us and come check out our hidden treasure of the skydiving world.

Jumpers must be members of the USPA to be eligible. Make sure to reserve your date beforehand. Bring a photo id, such as a passport, drivers license, or other identification as well as your signed log book from the USPA.

Up to 14k


per person

Our pilot will take you up to 14,000 feet to have the most sublime view of the Iowa landscape you can get. Feel the rush as you descend from the heavens and return to the Earth.

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Up to 18k


per person with oxygen

You can truly soar to new heights as you ascend to 18,000 feet. With your oxygen tank, drop from the plane and have a truly unforgettable experience.

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